Statements of A Young African American… Democrat?

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I am not a fan of Trump. I do not believe he, at the time of his election, was fit to run a country. He’s a business man. I was fourteen years old four years ago and was positive his intellect hovered far below the threshold of president. This was during a time where I was detached from the mechanics of the presidential election. I didn’t watch any debates, I didn’t keep up with news broadcasts. I was, for lack of a better world, apolitical.

It is now four years later and some of my friends tiptoe around me thinking…

An immersive study on active learning

The thing that I envy the most in children is the way they are able to live in an imaginary world. It is a world where they live by the principle that impossibility is possible!

A babysitter and a five year old girl cross the threshold into a trampoline. This play thing has now become a stage, the little girl a woman, and the babysitter a horse. This is not a joke, there is no punchline. …

Step by step guide to becoming a well acreddited Medium user

Step 1: Download Medium

Thank you Zat Rana

I happened upon medium at a time where I wanted to invest in a website or some sort of platform to further my creative writing journey. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to write, but I knew I wanted my own website. Wattpad crossed my mind, I talked to a friend about her new blog on weebly, but ultimately I was led to medium. All thanks to Zat Rana.

I’m not sure what story caught my eye, but I remember feeling a need to…

A poem, asking you to read and write more

our days are getting busy recently and this is the easiest way for me to communicate

The only thing i want

Is to step back and notice moments that give me an unexplainable joy

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Ivy on abandoned trees

That loss

That emptiness

Our life is a question we don’t answer because it is fed to us

WE look for the same thing in so…

Bridging the gap between Audre Lorde and Descartes

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The white man gives their all to help an American. This, the whole truth — nothing but the truth. The white man disguises himself as the common worker, wears a mask, and helps those who ask. Those who need.

My nose bled and he gave me excess. Juice and ice. A cup that could be filled trifold.

This is a lesson I am learning in a mental health unit. The people around me are not crazy. They are workers. They are the people.

An apple means as much as a pen, but only if you let it. My chapped lips…

An Artist’s Guide To Living Your Best Life

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Being admitted into New York University for Drama was quite possibly the most influential thing to happen to me. Since childhood I knew I wanted to work in the Big Apple with a small group of close friends. My mother tells me I dreamt of being a model and although I’m not on a runway or the cover of Vogue, I am finding myself cultivating a space greater than that of my wildest dreams. This is a wonder I owe to Lee Strasberg’s method.

Dreams are anything but static. Change, it happens every day. What I have just recently come…

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I am a student at Zoom University Home Edition and I am tired.

Did anyone really sit and think about how draining it would be to sit in front of a screen for hours, several times a week, and for a significant number of weeks in the year? Surely, if that had happened, we would’ve found a way to continue educating our students without risking so much…

Sitting in front of a computer for hours on end is draining. Having to keep your eyes on the professor! and your ears on the material… is DIFFICULT when your mind is on…

Processing what it means to experience a global pandemic

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If you really knew me, you would know I am something of a hypochondriac. I have coughed and panicked about having caught COVID. I have had dehydration headaches and panicked about having caught COVID. When a friend I had seen recently let me know he was getting tested for COVID because of possible exposure, I had a full panic attack. I wanted to get tested and be notified of my test results that second. I remember being so scared because I had babysat and couldn’t stand the thought of passing the virus onto an entire family. …

Finding the light at the end of the tunnel

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Depression is defined as feelings of severe despondency and dejection

Despondency, meaning a state of low spirits caused by loss of hope or courage

Dejection, meaning a sad and depressed state

So I must be suffering from depression

I don’t seem to remember a time I didn’t feel this way

I was happier before I put myself on display

Something pushed me to see myself the way I was and everything about that made me feel despondent

If I was away from my friends or alone with my thoughts I always found a way to be despondent

I am still…

Poem: A Man’s Downfall

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A man drank too much

Far too much

He drank so much he died

His mother cried so much

Cried tears made of water

Crying the substance that made him die

He died because he drank too much water

Which doesn’t make sense

Or check any boxes

Another man died because he wrote too much he wrote more for others than he wrote for himself

When they took away his house and his family’s luxury his wife died because she thought too much about what me meant

His children died by words classmates sprayed on playgrounds and in high school…

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